November Newsletter

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November 2018 Newsletter

You can download a PDF version of our newsletter here: November Newsletter 2018pdf

Introduction to Webinars

We have been researching new ways to make training and support more accessible and effective for our candidates. We are pleased to introduce our new training tool which will be webinars. We are looking to have these going live in the New Year. Webinar’s will be used for:

  • Workshops to support candidates who can’t make it to the office
  • Extra support from assessor between appointments
  • Live support using Learning Assistant etc.
  • Evidence towards your qualification. Sessions can be recorded to save and be used at a later date if needed.

This will also be a good way to speak to your assessor if you are unable to make it into work due to bad weather etc. to avoid any missed appointments.

Support sessions will still be held at the office any time if required. If you want to come out to the office and get support or to access a quieter place to complete work then please arrange this with your assessor.

Uploading work to Learning assistant

Can I remind all candidates you must upload your completed work on to learning assistant within timescales. When there are delays in doing this it doesn’t project a true percentage of completed work, and uploading work in bulk is time consuming.  If you have any problems using learning assistant please let us know and we can help resolve any issues.

Assessor change over

We have been looking at the number of candidates we have at the moment, and found that a few changes need to be made to manage the work load better for our assessors. If this is going to affect anyone arrangements will be made for the current assessor and new assessor to come out and see everyone to ensure the transition is as smooth as possible.

Text message service from SDS

Can we remind all students who are funded by Skills Development Scotland that once your review has been processed you will receive a text message or email from SDS.  YOU MUST reply to this ASAP with the letter “Y” to ensure SDS has confirmation of your progress. You will also receive this message for a final time when you have completed your VQ.

Christmas Holidays

The office will be closed over the Christmas period from the 21stof December until the 7thof January. Can all candidates please make sure any work sent by assessors is completed within the timescales given to make sure everything is updated for the holidays.


As always, if you would like to discuss any of the newsletters in more detail, please contact Jill at the office on 01382774915

FULLY FUNDED PLACE 16-19 YEAR OLD ARE STILL AVAILABLE. IF ANYONE IS INTERESTED EMAIL JILL           – [email protected] or call the office number 01382774915.

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