June Newsletter 2019 – SQA External Verification Visit EV

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You can download a PDF version of our newsletter here: June Newsletter 2019

SQA External Verification Visit EV

********Exciting News*********

We are delighted to announce that, once again we have received the highest grading for our SQA External Verification visit. Our report shows High Confidence for all categories with no development points.

The EV contacted some of our candidates for feedback, all comments were extremely positive. Some candidates described their assessors as“helpful and supportive” “reliable and trustworthy”.

The EV commended us on keeping up to date with all the most recent standards, legislation and best practice. She was impressed on how we are encouraging our candidates to use and incorporate the most relevant Knowledge and Understanding within their work.


Paper Candidates

We have a small number of candidates who have chosen to gather their evidence in a paper based portfolio. This is often due to lack of access to a computer or suitable technology or for some just a preference. As a training provider we still give this option to ensure a fair service for all of our candidates.

We would encourage where possible candidates to use a computer to complete work. Using a Computer and Learning Assistant lends itself too much quicker progress, and in most cases a higher standard of work as it is easier to incorporate knowledge. The turnaround of work between visits can be much more efficient because the assessor has instant access to this. Candidates can get feedback via email then edit and expand their work in a neat, professional and effective manner. The Learning Assistant e-portfolio is very useful as it allows you to track clearly where gaps in work are. This helps in the planning of appropriate tasks to assist completing thequalification and avoids repetition.

If a candidate chooses to complete a paper portfolio, they MUST keep it in the correct order, neat and tidy and use pen for all their work as required by Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA).


Using word documents on tablets/Ipads

Some candidates have access to tablets/Ipads and phones. You can download the word app to a lot of these devices for free. We have a number of candidates completing their work on tablets. If you would like to find out more about this please discuss with your assessor.



Assessor Holidays – Towards the end of the month some of our assessors will be taking holidays, candidates will be given work to ensure progress while assessors are on holiday(yes even assessor’s need holidays!)  If a candidate requires support while their assessor is on holiday, they can contact our office on 01382 774915 for any help or guidance needed in this period.

Candidate Holidays – Can all candidates who are taking holidays please inform their assessor so they can plan their diary accordingly.


Site Audits

At the beginning of June site audits were sent out, thank you to those who have completed them. Could we ask all other setting’s to return their site audits as soon as possible for our records.

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