August 2018 Newsletter – Information important to our candidates and centres

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August 2018 Newsletter

You can download a PDF version of our newsletter here: August-Newsletter-2018

Assessor Update

Kirsten is now able to take over a number of Jill’s responsibilities to allow her to get back to assessing.

We are now training in another two new centres, one in Dundee and one in Kinross.  To ensure that each candidate will continue to receive the appropriate help and support, we are carrying out an assessor swap.  Caroline will be taking over two nurseries from Claire in Arbroath and Jill will be taking over two nurseries from Lesley in Fife.

All students and managers have been contacted and arrangements have been made for assessor transition visits.

Text message service SDS

Can we remind all students who are funded by Skills Development Scotland that once your review has been processed you will receive a text message or email from SDS.  You must reply to this ASAP with the letter “Y” to ensure SDS has confirmation of your progress. You will also receive this message for a final time when you have completed your VQ.  Your assessor must be informed if you change your phone number or email; this will ensure our records are kept up to date for SDS.

Keeping to timescales!

Now that the holidays are over, can all students please make sure that they are meeting the deadlines set by their assessor. If work is going to be late, please inform your assessor so that they can contact their internal verifier.


Debby will be delivering the Legislation workshop which will take place on 26.09.18 at 6.30pm at the Coralshore office. Kirsten will email the details to all students and managers.  An events page has also been set up on Facebook; please visit our Coralshore Facebook page to find out more.  Remember to inform Kirsten or your assessor if you will be attending.  Spaces are limited so make sure you put your name down as soon as possible!

SSSC Registration

We would like to make all new candidates aware how important it is to register with SSSC within the correct timescales. From the day you start your position in the childcare setting, you will have 6 months to register. It can take 60 working days for SSSC to process your application and to add your name to the register. If you are on a 3 month trial in your setting please register as soon as the trial is up, failure to do so could result in you losing your job.


As always, if you would like to discuss any of the newsletters in more detail, please contact Jill at the office on 01382774915

FULLY FUNDED PLACE 16-19 YEAR OLD ARE STILL AVAILABLE. IF ANYONE IS INTERESTED EMAIL JILL           – [email protected] or call the office number 01382774915.

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