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September 2018 Newsletter

You can download a PDF version of our newsletter here: September Newsletter 2018 p

Candidates being supported and organised.

Assessors do their best to support their candidates to ensure they complete their qualifications. We have responsibilities to them, as they have commitment to us. For example we have a variety of resources available to all students using learning assistant (LA).  All resources are kept up to date and include current Legislation.  We also have a multitude of paper resources for those candidates not on Learning Assistant.

Candidates can help greatly if:


You ALWAYSbring your portfolios with you every time you meet with your assessor. Your assessor has to be able to keep track of your progress.


If any of your personal details have changed such as:

  • Phone number
  • Email
  • Address
  • Name

YOU IMMEDIATELY inform your assessor or contact our head office on 013827749158. It is a requirement from SDS that a new Training Agreement must be signed and show the change of details that have taken place.


You inform your assessor of the dates ASAP. Your assessor can then plan ahead to organize review dates and any extra support that may need to be given ensuring your progress.

Text message service from SDS

Can we remind all students who are funded by Skills Development Scotland that once your review has been processed you will receive a text message or email from SDS.  YOU MUST reply to this ASAP with the letter “Y” to ensure SDS has confirmation of your progress. You will also receive this message for a final time when you have completed your VQ.

Did you know…

We are approved to deliver individual units in SSCYP, Playwork and Management at various levels.

If you have previously completed SSCYP level 3 or 4 and would be interested in updating your CPD we have 25 individual units to choose from. You can find these on:

You can apply for ITA and if accepted, this will cover the cost so you don’t have to pay anything. As they say….. ‘Every Little helps.”


As always, if you would like to discuss any of the newsletters in more detail, please contact Jill at the office on 01382774915

FULLY FUNDED PLACE 16-19 YEAR OLD ARE STILL AVAILABLE. IF ANYONE IS INTERESTED EMAIL JILL           – [email protected] or call the office number 01382774915.

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